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    Lightroom and Canon DPP 4.5

    emikol Level 1

      Trying to perfect a new workflow for my images. I would like to import my .CR2 Raw files into lightroom unaltered, scroll through and cull out those I don't want using light rooms functionality. I find lightroom's functionality  excellent and am used to this. 


      Then, ideally I would like to process, or at least have the option of processing, the raw files in DPP rather than Lightroom. I may use lightroom's developing module instead (will do my own experimenting) , but would like the option of using canon's as well. I would like to do this the same way I use photoshop, i.e. "edit in" and have DPP set up for that. Unfortunately, when I try to set that up, I don't get the option of sending the raw files (.cr2) to DPP. The only options are .tiff, .jpg, etc. Of course DPP only processes raw files so I am stuck.


      Once the raw files are processed, I can fine tune in Photoshop as desired.


      As I understand it now, I can cull files in lightroom, then would have to open DPP separately to do my raw editing, then bring those back into lightroom to store in the data base and finish in photoshop as needed. I do a lot of panos, stitching photos together and this workflow seems to be a pain/redundant.


      Does anyone have suggestions in how to do this?

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          dj_paige Level 10

          As you have found out, a workflow that uses both Lightroom and Canon DPP on the RAW images is not going to be smooth at all. These software were not designed to work with one another (just the opposite of LR and Photoshop, which are designed to work together).


          So, since you asked for suggestions, my suggestion is not what you want to hear, but nevertheless this is my suggestion: don't do this. Do all the work in LR, or all the work in DPP, but not a combination of both. You will save yourself a huge amount of time and frustration.

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            emikol Level 1

            Thanks. figured as much