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    APE 11 I have it and have used it recently. Cleared my project and now cannot open the editor for existing or new project.

    hankholmes15@comcast.net Level 1

      Computer PC

      Originally Win 7 updated to 10

      When I open PRE it opens to welcome screen. If I click on Organizer it opens. If I click on Editor it opens to choice of New or Existing Project. When I click on either of them PRE closes or disappears.

      If I repeat, the same process the same thing happens.


      I have recently completed a 1hr. 20min. Movie that took me a long time to do. Iv'e burned it and deleted it.

      I then have copied and edited and burned about 5 VHS tapes, some of them over an hr. long and 1 3hrs. long. Those projects are done and I would like to continue with a new project, maybe 3hrs. long.


      I can't open the editor for a new project.

      I'm concerned I may have deleted a necessary part of the program. How to check? What to do?