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    Recomendations for stereoscopic software?


      Sorry for the simple question...What software(s) would you recommend to convert image stacks of left eye/right eye jpeg's to a side by side stereoscopic mpg or mov?

      The image stacks have been generated from a modeling software. Would be nice if the software had adjustment for parallax, zoom and rotation.  Thank you! - Russ

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          After Effects has a solution but we could give you some other ideas if we knew exactly what you were trying to do.

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            rusadam Level 1

            Our data from computer simulations and/or experiments consist of image stacks of jpeg's (one for each eye view) in sequence. We want to create a stereoscopic movie (mpg,mov) out of the images. We do this with other simulation programs with their own stereoscopic movie option. In this case, we are left with stacks (perhaps thousands) that need another program to create the stereoscopic movie. This is intended for the scientific community. We have a 3D (120HZ) projector (w/ active stereo glasses) to view movies. The software solution doesn't need the detail that film work requires but adjustments of the final movie for parallax (interocular distance), zoom and rotation would be nice. Thank you so much. - Russ

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              Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

              maybe this could help you. I recently finished a steroscopic project that also required stiching. the stiching was done in Ae. the workflow was as follows:


              1. the 2880x2880 shots were converted to flat 3840x1920 with the help of pixpro sp360 4k Kodak Digital Cameras | Support - Software and Manuals


              2. they were imported to Ae and placed one above the other in a 3840x3840 Composition. here the compositing was done to fix parallax anomalies in the edges and a few disruptions that were accidentally caught on camera.


              3. this composition was precomped and squashed to a 3840x2160 Composition and rendered for the video editor to make finishing audio touches.


              4. this movie was then exported as H.264 and I assume at HD resolution and previewed on Oculus glasses https://support.oculus.com/901894079905459/


              this is not the best workflow since pixpro software downgrades the footage and do not retain lossless quality, in addition it's maximum resolution was below what was originally shot, but it was good enough for this project.

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                rusadam Level 1

                Thanks for the thoughtful responses. I am looking for a workflow for making a stereoscopic 3D file (mpg,mov) from stacks of left eye/right eye jpg images. Here's what I've gathered so far, please correct me something isn't right:


                - Import the left eye jpg images into Premiere Pro and create a Left eye video with the usual 1080P parameters.

                - Import the right eye jpg images into Premiere Pro and create a Right eye video with the same parameters.

                - images may need to be sized to fit 1080P parameters (Premiere Pro?)

                - Treat those two videos as two distinct camera views (After Effects?)

                - There is very little post production but perhaps cropping might be nice (After Effects?)

                - The two videos are multiplexed together to make a single sequential stereoscopic 3D file (mpg,mov), (After Effects?)

                - That file is played back from the stereoscopic player on the computer to a 3D ready projector.


                Sound good? Any suggestions?


                Thank you!

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                  Hi Rusadam,


                  I recommend that you tag your question with "stereoscopic" to get more responses.  I found this question b/c I was researching Photoshop's "JPEG STEREO" format.


                  I suggest you research Magix Movie Edit Pro+ HD v.17 (there are newer versions, which I don't have).  This is a PC-only (so far) application, that I use to make a variety of stereoscopic videos and slide shows (you can find on youtube via my ID "retroformat3d" there).  It is the only reason I have a Windows PC. 


                  I find MEP to be clunky sometimes, but it has several very useful advantages.  It has stereoscopic video output, so you can work on your material live using a stereoscopic screen (I use a passive 3DTV, with video coming out of an NVIDIA card via HDMI-stereo).  I expect this would be of huge benefit to anyone who is new to working with stereoscopic assets.  MEP also allows a workflow that is completely internal to the program.  I mean, you can go from the imported stills to making stereoscopic adjustments, to rendering a 3d video all inside this program.  A drawback these days might be that the output resolution is limited to HD (my version, six years? old).


                  A newer version might work better, but I haven't had the chance to look into it.


                  Please let us know what solutions you end up using!


                  Best of luck,