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    Strange folder behavior


      I just did a clean install of macOS Sierra and opened my main catalog into a new download of Lightroom. All went well. But when I started importing new images, the Folders display in Library mode is incorrect (or at least I think it is). I have a screenshot below of the Folders pane post-import. On Import I'm directing Lightroom to import into a subfolder. In this case, I highlighted the folder call RAW in the Destination pane, clicked the "Into Subfolder" checkbox and named the new subfolder Hurd Barn Dance. After import, the Folders pane shows a new folder called RAW with Hurd Barn Dance as a subfolder. However, this should be shown as a subfolder of /2016/RAW. When I right-click on the new folder and select Show in Finder it shows it in its correct location (inside .../2016/RAW). When I try to move it Lightroom tells me that a "folder a named Hurd Barn Dance" already exists in this location. I'm running 2015.7 Release.


      Has anyone seen this before?


      Thanks in advance.


      Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 4.38.55 PM.png