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    Camera Raw


      Good evening,


      I have CC and in my installed section it shows the following:


      I am very new to PhotoShop but an old programmer and fairly used to finding my way around applications.


      I cannot figure out how to get to Camera Raw though it says it is installed and up to date.


      I am still looking for tutorials or anything to help me get up to speed.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Please, if this is posted in the wrong forum, if a moderator is on, move it to the appropriate forum or delete it and if possible notify me of where to post.



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          elie_di Level 3

          Any time you open a Raw file (Canon .CR2, Nikon .NEF, Sony .ARW, etc.) in PSCC, Camera Raw will be automatically launched and the image opened there. When you have finished editing it you can click on Open Image in the lower right corner and a rasterized RGB version which incorporates the image data from the Raw file plus any alterations you have made to it in Camera Raw will open in PS.


          However, I strongly recommend that you download the free Bridge CC application:

          Digital asset management software | Download free Adobe Bridge CC trial

          From Bridge you can select and open any Raw file in CR and there is also an option to "Open in Camera Raw" tifs and jpgs as well, should you desire to edit them in CR.


          Whenever you edit an image in Lightroom you are using Camera Raw as well, because its code is embedded in LR where it underlies LR's Develop mode.


          And finally, in PSCC there is now a Camera Raw filter with nearly the same functionality as the Camera Raw plugin.

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            Natarthos Level 1

            Thank you so very much!


            My wife has exactly two (2) surviving pictures of her father who died decades ago.


            I am working on them as one is blurry and the other has him in deep shadows; I am working to make both much more easier to view and bring out as much facial detail as possible.


            I truly appreciate your help!