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    Premier Elements 12: Video playback pixelated


      I have just upgraded my computer to a new one and installed my copy of PE 12 on it. Previously the video playback in Expert editor and in the full screen mode displayed in full definition. With my new installation it is pixelated. I have reset Timeline render quality to High quality, slow speed in Edit/Preferences/General but it has not improved the display. When I create an MP4 (in Publish+Share) it plays in full high definition but I do like to see high quality playback when editing. The source files are AVCHD 1080p.

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          Sandeep Singh Adobe Employee

          Hi Jo,


          Could you please check the Playback Quality?

          Right Click on the Highest and check the playback then. It might increase the quality.




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            Jo.hose Level 1

            I had already tried that but it did not help. But I have discovered something curious - it only affects the first few clips (about 2min) and the clips after that display perfectly, even though all clips were taken on the same day with same camera settings. And the high quality is there in those first few clips because the final export to MP4 is perfect. Curious, eh?


            I just had another thought. When I imported those first few clips on to the timeline I was using an old 4:3 lower resolution monitor. I think I probably rendered the timeline then before adding the new clips. Now I am using a 1080p monitor. Could the program have detected the monitor and rendered it appropriately? Sounds a bit unlikely I know....