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    How to raise/lower audio volume simply, please?

    SteveH59 Level 1



      I am having some difficulty increasing/lowering the audio volume of two clips I have.


      The audio level of one clip is too low while the other is deafening.


      I have scanned the Internet for advised on this and they suggest I need to introduce keyframes (not my strong point). I am aware that if I click on the audio track of one clip and go to 'Adjust' in the top right-hand corner of Premier Elements 11 I can see 'Volume' but when I type in x amount of decibels, it makes no difference to the volume - either higher or lower.


      Is there no simple way of selecting an audio track and increasing the volume of the whole track by, say, y amount of decibels before saving your project? Then I would click on the loud audio track and decrease the volume of that track, and then save again?


      Basically, I am trying to equalise the audio volume output so that if you are watching the clip on a TV DVD player, you are not constantly reaching for the remote control to adjust and readjust the volume.


      Many thanks.