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    Lightroom Sudden Exporting Issues


      I have been working a large number of photos and exporting photos in batches of roughly 300-400 at a time to my external harddrive when I am finished with them.  This morning all of a sudden I was trying to export 2 photos and for an unknown reason my computer locked up.  I rebooted, tried the same two photos again, then upon reboot tried just one, still froze up.  After yet another reboot I tried a different photo from a different batch, and attempted to export to my laptop's harddrive....same results my laptop froze up.  What would be causing this type of issue, or where can I best look to troubleshoot?  I am on a Windows 10 PC.  This is the first time I've encountered such a problem with Lightroom.  Thanks in advance for any guidance or suggestions.

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          Check in the Event viewer to see what caused your computer to lock up. Type Event in the search box click on Event viewer and then expand Windows Logs and look in Applications at the time your computer locked up you should find an entry with a round red icon with a ! in the middle and Error written next to it.