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    Certain pages missing tags and reading order when exported from PDF

    trista_c Level 1

      Hi all,


      I'm having an issue with a PDF that I'm exporting from InDesign. It's basically a copy of another document that I worked on that exported just fine. I copied the file, kept the cover page and the TOC and then just built the rest of the document using the styles I had already set up. For some reason when I export it to Interactive PDF, my tags and reading order structure are totally missing just for the first two pages and the rest of the document is fine. So no tags and no reading order even though it has been properly set up in the InDesign document.


      I tried recreating those two pages. I also tried exporting to a print PDF and then going back to an interactive PDF. I tried linking those page into my primary text thread but that throws off my whole document as it contains a lot of anchored form fields. No idea what to do now!


      Has anyone else had this problem? Anyone know of a way to solve it? Hugely frustrating as going in and manually tagging the TOC will be a massive pain.