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    ExternalInterface problem in IE

    goodbyemoto Level 1
      I cannot get ExternalInterface to work in either IE 6 or 7 – either from Flash to the HTML page or vice versa.

      I have DIVs containing various SWFs that can be opened and closed by the user. Many of them need to be reset when a user closes them, an some need to be told to play when they're opened. This works absolutely fine in Firefox (Mac or PC), but always fires an error in IE: "Object doesn't support this property or method".

      I've searched high and low for a solution to this, but all I find are suggestions regarding the SWF being inside a form (not applicable), or just saying "it works for me". It doesn't work, and I've tried it on various platform configurations.

      I've tried it using Adobe's AC_FL_RunContent and SWFObject with the same, unsatisfactory result. Surely there must be a solution to this? Has nobody else come across the problem?