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    Image Appears to be Damaged

    Images of RMNP Level 1

      Recently, my photos have begun to get the warning "Image appears to be damaged" and then these blocky digital artifact areas will appear on the photos, as seen in the image below. Sometimes an image will have multiple areas and the more I use the file, the more they multiply.


      This has been happening for about a week now to almost every file I import. The corrupted images are from two different cameras and from two different memory cards. Does anyone have a clue what might be happening. Is it Lightroom, is it the LR connection to my server (Synology NAS), my card reader, or something else??? I don't really know where to look to diagnose this. I'm becoming afraid to import my photos at all. I do a lot of large prints for customers and can't afford to have this happen.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!