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    Repurposing content from DPS Content Viewer for web


      For the past 4-5 years, we have occasionally developed folios for iPads with Adobe Content Viewer for trade show displays and sales demos. The recurring question has always been, how do I look at this on my laptop/Surface/other tablet and so far our answer has been, "You don't". But our IT dept. has recently switched over to AEM to manage our website and the short meeting that we had to briefly inform us of that has me wondering if it would be possible to easily repurpose our existing content to add some of the interactive folio articles to our website, or restructure some of the folios and host some the content so that the presentations are no longer locked down into the Content Viewer.


      Now that we have access to the Creative Cloud, is there a specific program that I should be looking at to port over my Indesign files?