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    Any workaround to generate timestamp for "Signed application with captive runtime"?

    ConniePun Level 1

      From Flash Builder 4.7, I need to export release build as "Signed application with captive runtime".

      Since Oct 6, I have been getting: "Error creating file: Could not generate timestamp: Remote host closed connection during handshake"

      I understand the problem to be communication with the timestamp server timestamp.geotrust.com.


      I have read on this forum that upgrading to Java 1.8 is supposed to resolve the handshake issue, I have Java 1.8 on my PC.


      I have also read on this forum that there is a workaround to build an unsigned AIRI first, then sign this using another timestamp server. This works to generate a "Signed AIR package", how about a "Signed application with captive runtime"?