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    ADE 3.0 Not recognizing E-Reader


      I have a KOBO reader. I am using ADE 3.0. I use ADE 3.0 to check out library e-book to my computer, then transfer to my e-reader. It has been working util this morning. I had downloaded two books to ADE on the computer. However ADE will not recognize the e-reader. I checked the default ASCM and did a restart the computer. To No avail. Any suggestions?


      As a side note and a criticism of ADODE, I had previously used the Sony reader app for this process and it worked well. I changed from the Sony reader to a KOBO reader as an upgrade. I changed to the ADE system using 4.0 which engendered a whole other set of problems which were solved by reverting the ADE 3.0. Now this!. I still have the Sony readers and am seriously considering returning to them.