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    Organize Photos from Desktop Automatically by DATE




      I have a small gig editing photos that come to me (through email), daily, as a daily assignment. It can be 3 photos, it can be 50. But they all have to get done and sent off that day. I have... 2 computers. One is old, and for my photography only (a brick, but a huge screen). When I upload photos from my camera it automatically creates folders by date in Lightroom and it's very nice - to ME. I understand a LOT of people hate organizing photography by date, but it works. If I went to Yosemite on August 22nd, I will remember that and be looking for that date.


      Regardless, with this editing job, on my main computer, I have a newer version of Lightroom and it's just not working for me. I want to have a folder for 10-7-16 based on when the photo was imported, not based on me literally creating a folder and typing it out. How can I get Lightroom to create a new folder for every import? I don't want to spend time, not getting paid, creating folders upon folders on my computer just to organize photos every day - isn't the point of Lightroom to, at least in some way, help you literally organize photos? Automatically?


      Apologies if I'm missing some HUGE key point here!


      Thanks in advance!

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          I don't believe there is an option for LR to create a folder with {today's} date or the {day of import}

          So not really an answer to your question.


          Your best alternative would be to simply copy the images supplied to you into one folder in your computer and use the 'ADD'

          option when you import. It will still involve maybe typing a folder name or re-naming it, or at least-knowing where and what this 'copied' folder is for the import.


          Another method would be to use the Auto-import feature of LR and create a watched folder on the desktop. Simply drag and drop images onto the watched folder and have them appear in the LR catalog. You will still have to move the images within LR into alternative folders if you are to keep all the images in separate folders (that you can create in LR).

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            dj_paige Level 9

            I want to have a folder for 10-7-16 based on when the photo was imported,


            Lightroom does provide the ability to create folders by capture date. That sounds different than what you are talking about, you are asking for the ability to create folders by Import date. Lightroom doesn't do that (unless the import date is the same as the capture date).


            It's not clear to me why you want the date the photo was imported, what is wrong with using the built-in Lightroom feature that creates folders by capture date?


            It's also not clear to me that in the future you will remember that you imported the Yosemite photos on 10-7-16, and I don't think this is a good method in the long term, unless you have a better memory than any one I have ever met (and I'm very skeptical that you have such a great memory), years from now you will not remember the date you imported the photos. If you use the word Yosemite to organize, you will remember that and you won't have to stop and think what day you imported the photos.

            isn't the point of Lightroom to, at least in some way, help you literally organize photos? Automatically?


            Apologies if I'm missing some HUGE key point here!

            Yes, you are missing a couple of points here. First, no software can anticipate every possible user need, the idea of folders by import date is (based upon my experience reading these and similar forums) a rather rarely discussed organizing method, I don't ever remember anyone asking for it before, whereas folders by capture date is a common way to do things. So that would explain why Lightroom doesn't have a feature to create folders by import date.


            The other point you are missing is that Lightroom was designed to provide organizing tools that are not easily available in your operating system. These are things like keywords, captions, titles, collections, star ratings, pick flags, and a whole host of other things; and it also provides the necessary search tools to help you find photos with specific metadata. Of course, Lightroom also has access to the tools available in your operating system, such as creating folders with specific names. This is what you want to do, and Lightroom can do this for you, just the same as your operating system does. You create the folder with the specific name, and then put the photos there, just like you can do with your operating system.


            You would make your life so much simpler to assign the keyword Yosemite to these photos, and then use that keyword Yosemite to search for these photos in the future, it eliminates the extremely difficult cognitive task of remembering the import date of thousands (tens of thousands?) photos and replace this with the extremely simple method of remembering that the photos were shot at Yosemite so you need to search for Yosemite. This is the brilliance of Lightroom, the power of Lightroom, it eliminates difficult cognitive tasks and replaces them with extremely simple cognitive tasks.