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    I need to disable a button after it has been clicked and spawned a template

    Huskerr Rob

      I have little experience writing java script, but I am pretty sure I need to use java script to disable an add page button after it has been clicked and spawned it's assigned template. The java script I am using to spawn the template is as follows.


      var expTplt = getTemplate("tpltReport");



      This script works fine, and I have created several identical templates with different names so that a specific template is launched when the add page button is clicked on specific page of the pdf. This is to prevent the information that is entered on one page from being repeated on all the subsequent pages that are added to the pdf. I rename the effected fields on each template to accomplish this.


      Since each template has its own add page button, with the exception of the final template, if one is clicked multiple times from the same page it will spawn multiple identical pages and the repeating information error will occur.


      Any simple solutions?