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    Can I convert entire FLA to a Movie Clip? Or is there another solution?

      I have a Flash file I've created that's pretty simple and has a bit of actionscript in it. It's a file that scrolls logos endlessly upward and stops in a few positions. I've now been asked to keep this version but have another with a static header image above what I've done.

      I'd just do this in my HTML but there's a requirement to be able to export the whole thing as a single .exe file so that's not an option.

      I've tried dragging my finished .swf file into another new Flash file--which works--but then I lose my actionscript for some reason.

      So I'm wondering if I can somehow convert everything in my original FLA file to a Movie Clip that I can drag into another file in a way that everything I've done will be retained.

      How should I do this--any suggestions? Bear with me, am learning as I go.