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    Using TypeKit in a production environment


      I'm researching to see if TypeKit will be suitable for our production environment.  We are a large newspaper with many artists and copywriters.  Creative work (ads) get passed from machine to machine.  I see that TypeKit would be perfect for us in the fact that it allows the artists to have huge selection of fonts at their fingertips.  The downside is that when an advertisement piece gets passed to another artist, the fonts show as missing and that artist now has to wait for the fonts to sync up.  It's a big hassle from what I can see through my testing.


      Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how to make TypeKit work for a large production environment?  Thank you!!

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          Ben, Typekit Support Adobe Employee

          Hi Michelle,


          This is Ben from Typekit. It sounds like you're looking for some team features for syncing fonts. Currently, the only way to do this would be for each artist/copywriter to sync the fonts themselves. We've tried to make this easy by being able to sync the fonts from the missing fonts dialog box when opening a document in Adobe apps.


          I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help here. I'll definitely share this request with the team.