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    iPhone 7 Plus and Lightroom Mobile Auto-Adjusting


      I’ve been shooting with the Lightroom Mobile App camera to take advantage of shooting DNG on my iPhone 7 Plus. I set it all up, snap the pic, and everything goes into the library fine. But then when I go to edit (just clicking into the edit menu…not actually making any adjustments), it seems to automatically darken and oversaturate the image. The app claims the image is in its original state and there are no edits for me to "undo".


      How can I stop this from happening?

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          It's unfortunate there are no responses to this thread, as it's easily and consistently reproducible (iOS 10.1/LR 2.5.2)


          Just selecting a decently exposed image within the editor instantly renders a oversaturated, heavily contrasted view.  If you attempt to make any edits at this point (white balance, exposure etc), it makes the image even worse.  Like the OP stated you cannot revert the image, effectively destroying your RAW DNG; we are talking about a 1.5 - 2 stop issue with regard to attempting to fix the ruined image post edit.  


          I guess I will just need to sync and edit on the desktop, which is a shame as I really enjoyed doing this on the mobile app.  But as it stands it's completely unusable for me and I've ruined enough great shots for me to put any faith/trust in the mobile app.