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    Using Orb Skin for WebHelp Project


      RoboHelp 2015: WebHelp output


      I really like the way this skin (Orb) looks. However, I'm wondering how/where I can put footer type information such as support phone number, comment link, copyright date, etc.


      Any thoughts on this? How have others handled this?




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          Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Don’t you stick that sort of info in your Master Page footer & then apply it to your topic pages? Or are you trying to modify the actual skin to hold that info? Rick’s “Skinny on Skins” document (google it) may have an answer for you on doing that.

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            mdawn0817 Level 1

            Thanks for your quick response!


            I looked at some help samples online and saw that was the way this author included the information (footer of topic via master page). I like the way that look and think it will work for me.


            I was trying to find a way to have a footer appear at the complete bottom of the screen and not at the bottom of a topic. I'll be sure to look at the Skinny on Skins, too.