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    Lightroom 6 suddenly not reading RAW


      i have been using LR for  3 1/2 years on my D360 and now D7200. Upgraded to stand alone 6 in May 2016 and everything worked fine.  I shoot mostly in RAW.

      In August my images that I downloaded are either all split up (picasso like) or have colourful streaks. this only happens to RAW images not jpeg.

      A few of the RAW photos come out fine as well.


      This is probably a coincidence but around the time this started happening I upgraded LR 6.  Not sure what number but I am at LR6.7 now.

      AND I downloaded some Cole's presets.

      Have had camera, computer, SD card and card reader checked. 

      Could not get any help from Adobe.  This is very frustrating and upsetting as I can't process any of my new photos. I have no idea what to do.