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    ProgressBar for a client side data processing

      Hi ,
      There is a function which takes a lot of time to get completed. So, I have used a popup to display my progress bar. I want to show a progress bar when the function is in progress. I called the PopUp manager create at the start of a function and it is removed after the processing has been completed. But the behaviour is unpredictable. Sometimes progressbar is shown and sometimes not. Also the progress animation is not working, when progressbar is shown. I would like to know a solution for this.
      I've used the following properties for the progressbar

      The same popup is working properly for a HTTPService call. But it is not working for another function which does only data processing (on the selection of a checkbox).

      function processData(event:Event):void {
      progressPop = PopUpManager.createPopUp(Application(Application.application),ProgressBarPopUp , true) as ProgressBarPopUp;
      //Data Processing code

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