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    Opening Word Documents but open up in PDF


      I have Adobe Acrobat XI Standard installed to make PDF's. That process works. But whenever I want to open downloaded MS Word files or Powerpoint files, they open as a PDF which I don't want - I want the Word or Powerpoint file. Is there some "preference" or process I can do to make sure Word files always open in Word and Powerpoint files are always opened in Powerpoint?

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          Click on the file (do not open up) and press Alt+Enter, the document properties will open up. Now you can change the open with option by click on change button and choose your desire application that matches it or click on browse button if it is not there and click Ok and OK see the images

          Press Alt+Enter on the document


          Option  1. Change button (This will allow you to choose your desire application)

          2. Open with (here you will find the open with application)

          2a. Browse button (if you didn't find any application on the recomended programs or other programs then click on browse button and choose the application)

          3. OK button (After selected the programs click on OK button and so as no. 4)




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