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    What defines a logo as a logo?


      I have spent hours reading up on this subject today and feel this is a very grey area. I fully understand that I cannot use a stock image for a logo - despite when searching for 'logo' images, there are many that invite the use of 'company name' to be added to them.  If they cannot be used for a logo, then why are they available on here in this style in the first place? 


      Under standard licensing, I am able to use these images on stationery, letterheads, business cards, etc. Is that not portraying a company branding as such, and being used in the way a logo would?


      Can I use one of these vector images and then place my company name beneath it in text format?  Would this be classified as a logo, or simply a letterhead that is also used as a title on a website, business cards and so on?


      I have no intention of registering or trademarking this branding or image in any way.  So what actually defines a logo as a logo?