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    Why is PE15 Upgrade almost the same cost (82%) as PE15 Full?


      I recently purchased Premiere Elements 14 at the UK price of £79.  The new build 15 has just been released, at a UK price of £79 for the full version.  The upgrade price is £63, a saving of under 18%.


      Unless there are some must-have features worth £63, it doesn't seem like a great deal.  Most of the other pro media editing SWs I use offer much more competitive upgrade prices - it's a way of keeping you in the loop.  They also offer preferential upgrade costs if you are already on the most recent (ie. the fewer versions you are jumping),  for the same reason.


      Is Adobe missing a trick here?  Or am I missing it... I am a new customer, does the upgrade discount get better once the launch hype has died down?   Or is the sensible thing just to wait and get as much value from my current version then upgrade to 16 or 17 at a later date when the enhancements are significant?