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    Premiere Clip Not Syncing to Creative Cloud

    fdsgsdgfds Level 1

      Hi folks,


      I have been shooting a Vlog on my iPhone 7plus and doing a rough edit in Clip. I want to refine that edit in Premiere, but i am having syncing issues. The syncing is beyond slow,  then it gets to about 39%-41% and then resets to 0% is there fix for this or is there a way to sync by attaching to my PC with lightning cable?

      This is really frustrating me,  the app is great for quick on the move edits, but isn't good enough to provide high quality finishing.




      Through iTunes i was able to save the project to my PC,  I opened Adobe Premiere Pro and selected File/Convert Premiere Clip Project,  I then selected the appropriate XML file,  but then was hit with a File Import Failure Dialogue Box,  The import reported a generic error.  I have co[pied all of the clips to my computer so could re edit but would rather sort out this problem as i actually quite like Premeiere Clip