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    Canon 5d Mark IV USB problems


      I have a new Canon 5D Mark IV and I am running Lightroom 6.7 (just updated). I shoot RAW and not jpeg.


      I am having trouble importing my images via the USB.

      My camera has two card slots, one for a CF and the other for an SD card.

      When I have cards in both slots, Lightroom can’t find any images.

      When there is a card in only one of the slots, either SD or CF but not both at the same time, Lightroom finds and imports the images perfectly.


      Canon EOS utility has no trouble finding images on my cards if one or both slots are occupied.


      Is there some setting I have to change in order to make Lightroom see both cards at the same time?

      What am I missing?



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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          This is not really the response you want to hear, but you will be much happier in the long run if you are using a card reader instead of directly connecting your camera. The card readers are faster, less error prone, don't need special drivers, and don't drain your camera battery.

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            JoeKostoss Adobe Community Professional


            ...and don't drain your camera battery.

            I think this is the issue.  When you connect your camera, the power to view and transfer the images to your computer has to come from the camera battery.  When you use a card reader, the power comes from the computer through the USB port or from the power source on a powered hub.  With the camera, it may be that the battery power is not strong enough to power both cards at the same time, especially if the battery is partially discharged already.  So I agree with ManiacJoe on this issue; get a card reader. 


            One last thing to consider when connecting the camera even if you have only 1 card in the camera; if the battery is partially discharged when you start importing and dies part way through the import, you run the risk of corrupting some of the images, not a nice thing when it happens because, according to Murphy, the best image of the night will be the very one that gets corrupted.

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              tdiakun Level 1

              I think I will be getting a card reader. However, I'm still trying to figure out why Lightroom won't read the data when both card slots are filled.


              Im not convinced it is a power issue. The battery is fully charged and the canon software recognizes data in both slots.


              Could be be a bug in the Adobe Lightroom software. I'm  hoping it is just some setting that I've missed which needs to be changed.


              Any my other ideas?



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                Hi  .  This is my 1st time posting..

                did you guys figure this out? I see your post was from over a year and a 1/2 ago, but  Without an answer to the question I figured I'd chime in.


                I do not believe it is a power issue either, as I am having a similar problem, and the issue persists from my card reader.   It doesn't happen to all the pictures, only a select several (17 out of 685 in my last shoot.)  The problem seems to be only with .CR2 raw files.  I'm typically shooting dual file formats with dual cards, duplicate files  (CR2 & JPG while recording across CF & SD simultaneously.)

                  Upon attempting to import the files, lightroom just sits there,  And although the task bar says copy and import, the progress bar remains at 0%, and the only way it will change is if I manually exit..  I waited an hour, but nothing. Lightroom then says there was an issue,  lists the files,  and indicates it is: Either because they could not be read or the destination folder is not writeable (yet the previous import of the 'good' files to the same folder in question demonstrates the destination folder is writeable, it must be the former, i.e  " could not be read.")

                At that point,  And all points forward , lightroom will only showed the import button as blacked out.  I am unable to attempt to re import anything without closing lightroom out, And restarting.



                5DIV w/

                SanDisk Extreme Pro SD Card 128GB

                SanDisk Extreme Pro CF Card 128GB



                Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC 7.3.1 release Camera Waw 10.3

                Windows 8.1

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                  AAR-ON Level 1

                  Now after additional inspection I'm even more concerned.


                  It is not just on my SD card, nor is it just with raw CR to files. It seems that there are also import issues with:


                  SD AND CF CARDS


                  MP4 video files

                  They have been imported, but Lightroom does not recognize them as previously imported and thus attempts to import for a second time, however unsuccessfully.


                  Jpegs have been affected

                  As with the mp4 files, lightroom believes it needs to import them, ands then sometimes dies so successfully, other times unsuccessfully. This  Results in the import function failing, and the button blacking out until i quit LR and restart.


                  CR2 files are affected

                  And I am on able to get them to import from the camera or the SD card in a USB card reader.



                  I have noticed in my library,  that after attempt to re-import, many files have been imported again (Even though "do not import Suspected duplicates" box  is checked, Lightroom  Imports again for the 2nd time, seemingly successfully, and applies its own suffix (-2) to all [duplicate] files that it chose to import the second time around.

                  This is odd..

                  I'm not sure this is a lightroom issue, or an issue with the 5D mark IV while recording and encoding the file during production.




                  From what I can tell the files all look ok on the card.. seemingly,  The issue only occurs when I attempt to import the files into Lightroom (Classic )


                  I will attempt to copy the files on to my hard drive, and import from there.

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                    AAR-ON Level 1

                    I copied the files to my hard drive, and from there, I was able to import them, seemingly without issue.


                    Now, who knows what to think?


                    It seems to at least be an apparent work around,but what an unnecessary waste of time and stress on the hard disk:-/