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    Does Adobe plan to add support for Apple Photos API in a future version of macOS Lightroom?

    Sya Nara

      Does Adobe plan to add support for Apple Photos API in a future version of macOS Lightroom?


      I am well aware that as of the present moment, the current macOS Lightroom CC (2015) stores its internal collection of photos completely separate from anything that's stored in Apple's Photos library (and in turn, the iCloud Photo Library, etc.). Also, Lightroom CC does not appear to support using the Apple Photos API in macOS 10.11 and later to import or export from the Photos library of the current user.


      However, I notice that the iOS version of Lightroom seems to play nicely with the Photos API. It can read from the Photos library and export to it just fine.


      So, I imagine that in some upcoming version of Lightroom for macOS, they will also bring over this integration with the Photos API. (I'm shocked no third party dev has made an extension for it yet, since this API has been around for a over year now on 10.11).


      Is this what Adobe is planning?


      BTW, here is a link to Apple's developer site API reference for the Photos API that debuted in El Capitan, for those of you who have no idea what I am talking about: Photos | Apple Developer Documentation


      If you are not a software developer and do not know what the Photos API is, or what an API is, etc., please don't make an ignorant reply, such as, "Lightroom is not designed to work with Photos app; they are separate things," etc. Because such a comment would, indeed, show a complete and total lack of understanding of what Photos API is, what it's capable of, and what its intended use is.


      But let me enlighten you. What it could potentially allow Lightroom to do, is to treat your Mac's Photos library as if it were just another folder on your hard drive, basically. Not only that but it could allow Lightroom to treat the Photos library (and by extension the iCloud Photos Library, Photo Stream, etc.) as part of your Lightroom library. Of course, for Adobe to update a program on the scale of Lightroom to be that tightly integrated with the Apple Photos API would take many months, and they probably would want to have some demand from customers first. It might also not be in their best interest, considering that it might somewhat obviate the need for people to buy space on their own cloud service to store their photos. Etc.