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    SSD Cache deleting process very slow. Why?


      When a file is previewed in After Effects, cache is generated in a Solid State Drive. When I try to delete it from there, the process is extremely slow and takes hours. But when I delete other regular files from SSD, it gets deleted really fast. Have tried various things, but unable to find a solution.

      System specs: 32GB ram, i7, 2GB graphics, 1TB hard disk, 500GB SSD.

      Would appreciate help on this matter! Thank you.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          SSDs are meant for lots of small files, not large contiguous files as they typically occur when dealing with video. That's probably just the usual urban myths on the web and Adobe's own misleading advice biting your behind, give or take specific issues with your device drivers of course. Either way, your info is too generic to advise specifically. Start by checking your device manager for potential issues and then investigate further...