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    Adding graphic within paragraph style


      Is it possible to include a graphic as part of a paragraph style? I want to have an arrow shape appear before my H1 header and bleed off the edge of the page. Right now, I've just inserted it as a graphic next to my textbox, but every time the text moves, I need to move it separately. I tried pasting it next to my text within the text box, but then it doesn't extend beyond the text margin to the bleed edge. Suggestions? Thanks!




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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You need to make the graphic an anchored object. Here's the Help file on anchored objects:


          Work with anchored objects in InDesign


          The easiest way to create the anchor is described here. You use the little blue box on the graphics frame:


          Drag-and-drop to create anchored objects in InDesign CS5.5 « Caveat ...

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            Scott Falkner Level 5

            If you can find that shape as a glyph in any font you have you can make it a custom bullet and set its colour, size, and baseline shift with a character style. You can’t position it outside the text frame but you can use a hanging indent.


            You can also make it an Anchored Object and go to Object > Anchored Object > Options to position it however you want. Once you have it positioned make it an Object Style so you can apply the same positioning to the same shape elsewhere. As an Object Style you can make global changes to the position of the shape.


            You cannot add it as part of formatting if it is an Anchored Object. Anchored Objects are content and you cannot add content with a style. You can use search and replace to add it to the beginning of any paragraph that uses the same style.


            First position one graphic just how you like it as an Anchored Object. Select it and make a new Object Style. Make sure Anchored Object Options is selected as an attribute of the style. Click Preview and Apply Style to Selection. Now copy the object.


            To add the object to the begging of each paragraph that uses the same stye open the Find/Change dialogue. Click GREP and click More Options. Change the Find Format to use the style you want.


            For Find what enter: ^.(?!~a)

            For Change to enter: ~c$0

            Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 6.09.41 PM.png


            Now click Change All. Every instance of the style specified will have the graphic inserted at the beginning of the paragraph if it isn’t already there. You can sun this search again later if you add more copy and not worry about adding extra objects. Remember to first copy one of the objects because the search will insert whatever is on the clipboard at the beginning of the paragraph.

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              [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

              > You can’t position it outside the text frame but you can use a hanging indent


              You probably can create a glyph that's only nominally as wide as the positive indent, and hangs out to the left. Try it with a single character font: [Ann] IndyFont Demo: make your own (1 character) font 

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                Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Hi Jongware,

                indeed it's possible to let a glyph hang out by using IndyFont.

                Already did that with a special bullet point design.



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                  [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

                  Well what do you know. Only five minutes or so and it was done!



                  This is a regular 'bullet' character, with a nominal width of the standard bullet but sticking out far of the left margin in the character design. Since it's a regular bullet, it needs a character style to set the font and color; but it can be used right away with a Bullets & Numbering paragraph style, so all of my headings now have this.