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    Reloading entire page, how to set objects which will not be reloaded.




      I would like to ask for your help.


      The problem is, with loading of page. Normaly when you go on any website and select button from navigation, and it will redirect you, there is rendered layout, which contains navigation menu, base objects like buttons of menu, and background. But there in MUSE I cant find any settings which will help me to achieve it. My page simply reloads everything.


      One user of this forum wrote similar problem Entire page reloads with white screen when navigating to different pages.


      But official support said "Fill your background". Sincerely it doesnt resolve reloading problem... And another message "Contact forum..." So I am here...



      If it is still not clear: lets have a look on Sites of a day



      There are sites of day which have or have not same problem. When I looked into past, almost every page had solid layout (i mean not realoading) and almost every new one is refreshing.


      Good one

      Adobe MUSE – Menu/background/graphic stays. This pages are from the PAST.






      Bad one

      Adobe MUSE – Everything is reloading at every refresh or while we navigate – This pages are actual.






      So, what I should do and how do I say to MUSE "Let some of my objects without reloading?"


      Really appreciate your help


      http://test.wojech.cz/ - Simplified version of page