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    "Export catalog" exports too much path




      I am using Lightroom 6.6 on a Windows 10 PC.


      I took photos on my recent holiday, and edited them in Lightroom on my laptop.


      Now I'm home I want to copy the pictures AND THE EDITS I DID to my "master" desktop PC.


      On the Laptop, the pics are in Pictures\MySnaps. I've selected that directory in lightroom and done "export as catalog". Then I've done "Import from another catalog" on the desktop, as always. BUT, something has changed since last time and the export process is storing too much path if that makes sense.


      I want to import the MySnaps directory to Y:\2016 on the desktop ie I want my pics in Y:\2016\MySnaps. During "Import from another catalog" I selected Y:\2016 as my target dirctory.


      However, whats happening is that they're ending up in Y:\2016\Pictures\MySnaps.


      The export process is including "Pictures" in the path and I don't want it to.


      Do you know how I can avoid this, or move the pictures (with edits!) on the desktop after import?


      Thank you for any help you can offer.