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    updating areca firmware

    coonasty Level 1

      have the 1882ix with 1.51 on it.  got some new seagate enterprise and evidently i need 1.53 to recognize them.


      for my previous firmware updates...opened archttp and used the upgrade firmware and everything went fine to get to 1.51.


      there are 4 files in the 1.53 zip (bios, boot, firm, mbr0)...from what i remember you update all 4 files then reboot (supposedly the order does not matter).



      tried with the bios file first and got an invalid file error...not sure where to go from here.  cant find anything on web on what to do from here.  anyone have similar issues and how did you fix?  thanks much

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          coonasty Level 1

          well actually found the answer on a german tech site (thanks google translate)....you have to update the other 3 files first, reboot, then update the bios file then reboot again. 


          however it did not fix my issue with my arc-4036 seeing a seagate 6tb enterprise drive.  i see the 4036 also has a firmware update from the 1.14 that is on it to 1.16.


          though have no idea how to update it.  anyone know if archttp utility "upgrade firmware" will work on it?  thanks

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            Alan Craven Level 4

            My firmware download, when the zip file was expanded, had a pdf detailing exactly how to perform the update, as well as the four *.bin files needed for the update .  I followed those instructions and the update proceeded without problems.

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              coonasty Level 1

              yeah i got the 1882ix card updated with the 4 files as described above. 


              the arc-4036 zip only has 2 update files in it and no "how to update".


              though i threw a 3tb drive in the 4036 and it works.  i wonder if the 4036 has a max size limit of 4tb drives and thats why my 6tb wont run?