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    LR Mobile sync does not start


      Using LR mobile on iPhone with latest release of iOS 10. I took 64 photos with LR mobile in DNG format. I login in LR mobile with my Adobe ID and after loggin in, the cloud symbol starts moving for 2 seconds. Then it stops and says "Uploading.... 64 photos left" and doesn't change.


      Even if I left the app open in the foreground, there is nothing changing. Other apps like "DS Photo" can upload their pictures very fast.


      Thanks in advance


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          kayl5613674 Level 1

          Now I was scrolling though the pics on my iPhone, opened my gallery on adobe.com and ... it starts syncing. Very, very slow. And stopped again after 3 pictures. "61 pictures pending..." :-(

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            greule Adobe Employee

            When you open up  at the Lr Mobile app the Cloud status panel from the top menu bar are there still 61 photos listed fro upload.

            If so, does the count goes down when you leave Lr Mobile running in the foreground for e.g. 15 minutes. Since the upload is of photos while runnin Lr Mobile in the background is very limited please give this a try and let me know your results. Thanks, Guido

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              kayl5613674 Level 1

              Hi Guido,


              thanks for your reply.


              No, leaving the device working in the foreground does not change anything.


              I tried the following:

              - deleting every picture in the online catalog and the online catalog itself

              - deleting all pictures on my LR mobile

              - taking one photo with the iPhone camera and try to sync -> no result. The photo is pending upload.

              - choosing one JPG file from iPhone and adding to LR mobile and sync -> this works

              - putting one RAW file from PC into LR mobile collection -> will be synced to iOS device but VERY slowly

              - putting one JPG file the same way -> will be synced quite fast

              - taking again one photo with iPhone camera, enabled sync via mobile network and go somewhere where I have 4G network -> will be synced


              My conclusion is: my upload speed at home is too slow. I have 16MBit/s download and something < 1 MBit/s upload. Syning from PC to LR mobile  is possible, but very slow, it has LAN upload and no WLAN. Syncing the other way is not possible. WLAN upload seems to multiplicate the problem.


              So the question is: do I have any possibility to speed that up? Or will Adobe offer an update of LR mobile that is working with more slowly internet connections? My plan is to travel with my iPad and syncing > 2000 pictures when I am at home again -- this won't work today.


              Thanks in advance


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                greule Adobe Employee

                Hi Kay, do you see the pending upload for Lr Mobile captured dng's? The <1MBit/s is definitely a problem we are trying to fix within one of the next updates. - Guido

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                  kayl5613674 Level 1


                  I got it working. As I can upload raw files from PC into the cloud the uplink should not be the problem. OK, it's not that fast, but it works. The exact steps were:


                  - Set up a 5GHz wireless LAN in my router, because of more speed instead of that 2,x GHz one

                  - connected my iOS devices with that WLAN

                  - choosed the iPad instead of iPhone because of more bandwith with wireless LAN connection (better antenna?)

                  - imported raw files into iPad

                  - added these files in LR mobile into a collection

                  - disabled screensaver on iPad, you mentioned before that background upload is not that LR favorite ;-)

                  - and ... it works. Sloooooowly, but it works.

                  - I better not think about coming home with 2000+ pics and having that speed during upload


                  ...so please, fix that! ;-)