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    "Invalid" folders suddenly appearing in Lightroom CC


      My Lightroom photo library is split between my MacBook Pro drive and an external hard drive. Yesterday, a number of folders in my Lightroom folder tree (folders stored on the external drive) suddenly started appearing greyed out, with "inval.." where the item count should be. From searching online, I believe this means "invalid path representation".


      If I highlight one of these folders it says it contains 0 photos. I can't relink to the folder, which is still on my drive and contains all the original images. I also can't move or delete these folders. I restored a catalog from the previous day's time machine back up (which was more recent that my last LR catalog backup, since which I'd done a lot of editing I didn't want to lose), but the same issue is appearing there. I'm attaching a screenshot to show the folders' appearance.


      Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 14.45.00.png

      In addition to those recent folders, my entire library from 2011 is also greyed out and appearing invalid.


      I can access the photos via collection folders, but if I right click and try to "Go to folder in library" then nothing at all happens.


      I've searched the internet for solutions to this and have found a couple of reports but no resolution or explanation. Please can anyone advise on what I can do to fix it? I'm also worried it's going to spread to other folders. Definitely need to find a fix...


      Many thanks