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      I have a button, a viewStack object and two viewers that added into viewStack.
      I try to make: when I clicked the button, view style will switch via m_groupID (xView to yView ).
      My problem is: the binding object changes, but after switching: images does not refresh.
      And, when I try to switch again to xView, images are correctly refreshed.

      How can I refresh the images when I clicked the button?

      var imgObj:myImageObject;

      <mx:Binding source="imageGroups.getItemAt( m_groupID) as myImageObject" destination="imgObj" />

      <mx:ViewStack id="views" width="100%" height="100%">
      <components:xView id="xv" imgSrc="{imgObj}"/>
      <components:yView id="yv" imgSrc="{imgObj}"/>