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    Trail version not able to use after updating Windows 10 and only 7 days to test




      I have a big issue with the trail version of After Effects CC 2015.3. Today I wanted to make a nice looking outro for a school project. We have to present it on the 24th of October. But there are two big problems: The first problem is that I can use the trail version only 7 days, and a friend of mine told me that normally the trail can be used a month and after this you have to buy it. The next problem is after updating Windows 10 I'm not able to use it, because it says: "You have 0 days left to test." But actually I would have had one day left. So I really would know why this program does this and how to fix it because I have only a few days left before I have to present it in front of my classmates and the jury of the competition. If anyone of you can help me fixing this problem quickly I would be very pleased!


      Thanks in advance