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    interpretation of color by LR iow color deviation


      This image is scanned by a Canon MX925

      8-10-2016 15-35-03.jpg

      Left is the interpretation of LR when I import the picture; it is also exactly printed.

      Right is de direct print, without interference of LR.


      The picture in LR get some red/rose glow, without any preset (I think.....).

      Have anyone any idea what's going on.



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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is why color management was invented.


          In short - this is all pointless unless you have a fully color managed process to compare to. Does the scanner embed an icc profile in the scanned file? Which one? Are you viewing the file in another application that is fully color managed, and that actually reads and interprets that profile?


          Lightroom is fully color managed - but if a file doesn't have a profile, Lightroom will assume sRGB, and display the file accurately on that assumption.


          Where Lightroom can go wrong, is if you have a defective display profile. The display profile is the second link in the color management chain. If you are viewing the scan in a color managed application, and you know the embedded profile is correct, and Lightroom still disagrees - then you probably have a bad display profile. This can affect different apps in different ways.

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            sharond4634384 Level 1

            Another way of fixing this error is updating your drivers. Because driver plays it own important role in scanning and printing. Also color effect quality and other parameters of printing/scanning depend upon drivers. Try to check your drivers, whether they are updated or not? If not then delete them and replace with new one. Try to download these drivers from official site of your printer. Go there and download scanner/printer drivers which are new and latest and suitable for your current OS. After installing new drivers do scanning test again. I am sure after drivers it might be fixed. If not then check Canon Pixma MX925 Manual and customize your scan preference settings as listed in it. Hope this would helpful to you.