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    HTML5 Banner Disappears After Playing


      I created this HTML5 banner in Adobe Animate, using this method spelled out by Cory Hudson that uses AdHelper and CreateJS.

      I have not been able to reproduce the bug, but apparently, sometimes after it plays, it goes blank. The only things than remain are the outline and a lowercase “t,” sometimes along with a broken image icon. It plays normally first and can take minutes before it goes blank. This is happening on Mac OS 10.11.6/Safari 10.0 and Windows 7/“the latest Chrome.”

      Based on posts about seemingly similar issues, I tried a couple things. I switched from the use of sprites to individual image files. That didn't help. In this version, I tried commenting-out this line of code: .setSleep(15,0,0). I'm not sure if this did the trick though.

      Can anyone reproduce the bug? If so, is my fix working? Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? Thank you!