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    Make macro keys highlight adjustment sliders, making them adjustable with mouse wheel.

    Teddyen Level 1

      Is there a way (through third party software) to make macro keys from a gaming keyboard highlight specific sliders in Lightroom, so that they could be adjusted with the scroll wheel of the mouse?


      To be more precise, I guess the macro key would mimic the behaviour of actually hovering the mouse over a slider, which lets the user adjust the slider with the scroll wheel. My dream is to use a Corsair K95 keyboard for this, which has 18 programmable macro keys.


      This way, adusting sliders would be a matter of holding down a key and scrolling the mouse wheel, never having to look at the actual sliders.


      This would be a perfect solution to my work environment in Lightroom, and I would think that it would greatly benefit a lot of professional users. I'd easily pay or donate for for someone to develop it. Preferably, it would also be combinable with the ALT-key, so that I can watch the overlay from some of the sliders.


      I'm very thankful for input.


      Best regards,

      Teodor Tomter


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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          There are a few plugins for using MIDI controllers with LR, e.g. see: https://www.google.com/search?q=lightroom+midi+controller&oq=lightroom+midi+controller&aqs =chrome.0.0l6.6502j0j2&sourcei…. In the past, these tended to come and go, since LR didn't provide plugins with the full capabilities of controlling Develop sliders.  LR CC / 6 added that capability (with some rough edges), so perhaps this latest crop of MIDI controllers will have a longer lifetime on the market.   I don't know if any of them support gaming keyboards as well, and I don't have experience with any of them.  There was an open source solution Paddy that apparently was never upgraded to CC / 6 (it relied on fragile reverse engineering of LR's implementation).


          But perhaps someone more knowledgeable has better information.

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            Teddyen Level 1

            Thanks John, I've already been looking into MIDI controllers, MIDI2LR, Paddy and VSCO Keys. Paddy, as you say, isn't supported. The replacement, VSCO Keys, just gives error messages on Win10 + LR CC. At least in my, and many other's setups. MIDI2LR is a nice solution for MIDI Controllers, but I don't want a MIDI controller.


            I've posted a question on the MIDI2LR forum if it's possible to use it in the manner I've described, with a gaming keyboard.


            For me, the perfect work environment in Lightroom, means moving my eyes and hands as little as possible, while having access to all of my most used tools. For me, this equals to having my right hand on the mouse, and left hand on the keyboard.


            I need my mouse or my (rarely used) Wacom tablet to crop and brush effectively, no way around that. Then I'm left with my left hand to use shortcuts and access tools effectively. It usually rests in the WASD area, where I can reach 1-5, R, W, D, E, G, H, Copy, Paste Previous, Undo and Redo easily, and J, K, I somewhat less easily.


            I guess most, or all, of these shortcuts could be mapped to a MIDI controller, with encoders controlling the sliders, but why would I want that? More space between the buttons compared to a keyboard, means more moving my hands and eyes, and more time wasted. Unless I ditch the mouse and use both hands on the MIDI controller, but that's not an option. Each photo needs precise cropping and usually also brushing. Not to mention, I believe the ergonomics of a resting hand on a keyboard is much better compared to a hand hovering over a MIDI controller.


            With a Corsair K95 or similar keyboard, combined with macro key support for highlighting a slider, and scroll wheel adustment on the mouse, would be the perfect solution. I'd buy it for $400 tomorrow if I could, as it easily saves me 30 hours or more a year, or eventually raises my production quality.

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