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    Duplicated ebooks in Digital Edition for iPad


      I ran into a problem after loading a few ebooks in Digital Edition for iPad. With a few uploaded without a problem, one particular file was large and the program crashed before the book appeared in the app. It took several attempts to get it successfully uploaded but once I did, there were duplicate images. When I deleted one copy, both copies were gone. So, I repeated everything and ended up with the same problem.  I reinstalled Adobe Digital Edition twice and only had to upload the ebooks once. Even so, I ended up with two images of the same books that were duplicated during the previous installations.


      This is puzzling and really annoying. To manage my view, I use favorites which is the only way to see a single copy of all the books. Has anyone had this problem and can anyone suggest a solution?


      iPad ll

      IOS version 9.35 (13G36)

      Digital Edition version