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    Uploading to Flickr.



      I have posted this issue before and I still have no answer to the problem.
      I'm trying to uploaded images onto Flickr.  It allows me to upload one image and then I can't select anymore images to up load.
      Steps I'm doing
      Firstly I have Lightroom 5 On an Apple Mack  (OS X Yosmite).
      1) I opened lightroom and have a catalog sitting in Library.
      2). I then proceeded to open Publisher Services and set up Flickr, that is putting in my Flickr name, and email and password and the authorisations
      3). I then go to the Lightroom page and in Library mode selected one image and move it into the Photostream box.  The initial photo is accepted and it uploaded.  However after that I can't select or move other images from the Library into the Photostream.  (I did delete the original image of photostream and it allowed me to reload that one image)