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    Import Photos on OS X


      Dear ladies and gentlemen,


      I purchased Lightroom 6 but there´s no opportunity to import pictures or folders of Apples "Photos" via "Different source".


      Is there anybody who has the right answer?!?


      Best regards



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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          This topic has been covered several times on this forum. Use the Search feature to find them and follow the instructions.


          Photos stores images in a Apple Mac OS X Package folder that is made up of many other folder that are not visible to the user and has to be expanded for viewing and copying out files.

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            Geoff the kiwi Adobe Community Professional & MVP



            The best option is to use one application or the other. Of course Mac OS makes Photos the default and if you choose to use Lightroom then the defaults will need to be changed in Mac OS (I think you do this in Photos and/or Image Capture but Googling will find the answers).

            As mentioned above there are ways to access the files in the Photos

            Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 1.55.41 PM.png

            you would need to let Lightroom have access (by importing) to the Masters folder but you won't see the edits done in Photos or you will need to export copies from Photos with the edits and then import those files to Lightroom...

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              stefane94772356 Level 1

              Thank u guys!