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    Render time increasing further into render

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      hi there


      im trying to render out a 2.5min sequence that uses some 3D elements That require the Elememt 3D plugin.


      ive tried both AME as a compressed H.264 file and also AE as a lossless file. In both cases the render starts as normal, decent speeds even as the camera moves across on-screen 3D elements.


      But the the further the rendper goes on, the more the overall time starts to creep up. It started as a 4hr render time and after 1h 20mins rendering that time has jumped to nearly 13hrs!


      im running the latest AE with the latest e3D plugin.


      ive knocked down the settings to a H.264 at 720p and im still getting the same issues and I need it to be done by Sunday evening.


      machine spec:

      5k 27"

      16gb ram

      1tb flash storage

      AMD Radeon R9 M395X (4096mb)


      Any advice?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Without knowing what's going on in your comp nobody can tell you much. This has nothing to do with your output settings, that's some effect or setting in the comp itself like e.g. excessive motion blur that requires to render multiple frames to get a correct result. Likewise, your graphics hardware resources could be running out because you use a lot of stuff in E3D. Start by slicing up your work in chunks and rendering to image sequences that can be assembled later. that way you can always cancel and restart the program and computer to free up everything.