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    Exporting Raw file to subfolder, subfolder syncing says no image to sync.


      Hi everyone,

      Here is my problem:


      I am setting up a new workflow in Lightroom 6.


      1 Import pictures (creating a date file to which I add a name, ex.: 2016-09-16 Westlake Shoot)


      2 Create a subfolder in "2016-09-16 Westlake Shoot" called "Selects"


      3 Go through main folder and choose the pictures I want to work on and export them to "Selects"

           -Here, as I prefer to work with Raw files, this the format I choose to export the pictures.


      4 Sync "Selects" folder.

           - Here, I get a message telling how many new pictures in the folder.

           - I click on sync.

           - Syncing processes and I get the message " No picture or video to import "


      If  I go in the finder to see the "Selects" folder, my images are there, but Lightroom doesn't le me sync them.
      Note that the process works if I export .DNG instead of .raw .