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    Video's don't play properly


      Hi guys,


      I'm using Lightroom 6 and I'm having problems with playing video's in my library.


      If I try to play the video it really struggles to play it properly. I'm using one of the newer macbook pro 15" and only lightroom has troubles playing video. Photos, imovie and finalcut pro have no trouble playing video what so ever.



      Does anyone have an idea?



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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          Over the years many people have complained about video playback issues, and there don't seem to be any solutions that have worked consistently (though I'd love to be corrected).


          You could try emptying the video cache and increasing its size via Preferences > File Handling > Video Cache Settings. But that probably won't help (though prove me wrong!).


          I long ago gave up on viewing video within LR on my fully loaded 15" Macbook Pro.   I use LR mainly for cataloging of video (and I only have a couple hundred), I don't try to edit in LR, and I always view the video in an external player. 


          While you can do that by right-clicking the video's thumbnail and doing Show In Finder, there are two plugins that make that more convenient, Open Directly and my Any File.  Using the Mac's standard keyboard shortcuts you can assign a shortcut (I use Ctrl + O) to Any File's Open command, which will open the selected file in the default application defined for its file type. (You wouldn't need to use any of Any File's other features.)  I'm pretty sure you can do the same in Open Directly, though I haven't tried it. If you have just one video player, Open Directly is free;  Any File isn't free, but you can pay whatever you want.