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      Hello Adobe.


      How's it going?  Feeling well?


      I've got a problem here with your ADE software.  It doesn't work.  It keeps popping up the error "E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER".  It's actually quite important that I am able to open the books I've downloaded.  But your software doesn't work.


      I have noticed the problem is occurring for lots of other people too.  Some people (not Adobe, but other people who are trying to be helpful) post various solutions which seem to have worked for them, and some people claim they did something and now it works but don't say what that something might be, but none of the solutions provided by users have solved the problem for me.


      Your software still doesn't work.


      Can you please fix it?  Can you also please either push the fix out to all installations of the ADE software, or make the fix available and easy to find on your website?

      As it is quite urgent that I access the books I have downloaded, and as this problem has existed for quite some time for many other users, could you please get to work on such a fix in the near future?  Don't rush.  No hurry.  I'm sure these problems aren't forcing your users to abandon Adobe in favour of open source software which doesn't have such insane restrictions and problems.


      PS: If the problem is happening to many different people using many different computers involving many different books from many different sources, that means the problem is with the ADE software, not with the people, their computers, or the books.  So please don't just fob all these posts off by telling people to get their books fixed.  The problem is with the ADE software.


      PPS: I actually need to read the books I downloaded.  But assuming Adobe never gets this software working, and as it is Adobe's fault, can I get a refund for the books from Adobe?


      PPPS: This Solution for E_LIC error in Adobe Digital Editions doesn't do anything.  It is no help whatsoever.  You should simply delete that webpage.