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    I haven't legally changed my name yet - can I sign up for CC student with my new name?


      Hello Adobe forums!


      I'm strongly considering getting a CC subscription as a college student. I opened my Adobe account today under my new name which I've been using for about a year now, but I still haven't been able to legally change it (first and last).


      Now, when I try to sign up for CC it's asking for some info needed to prove that I'm a student, which is understandable. The thing is that the name I'm registered under at school isn't the name I registered my Adobe account under. Plus I don't want this account associated with that name at all. I know suites like Microsoft Office are personalized with the name of the account holder, (top right corner, personalized messages, etc) but I don't want CC to be personalized with my old name.


      I stream my work and I don't want anyone to see it, and I do not want my old name anywhere in the program regardless.


      I just don't want to see/use my old name on any Adobe products.


      Another thing is that I created my Adobe account with a personal email address (containing my new name), but when I try to sign up for CC it's asking for my school email address (containing my old name). This address isn't used. Will Adobe send things to my school email address rather than the personal address that I signed up with?


      Thanks for your help. This is the only thing holding me back from signing up for CC and it is very important to me.