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    How to contact local assistance to reset licensing




      About one month and half ago my laptop experienced a severe hardware failure and couldn't be recovered. So I bought a new laptop and cloned the old disk. Since then, Adobe Lightroom is complaining about "The serial number **** is already in use by the maximum allowed computers. You must deactivate another computer [etc]". As far I've seen, since I can't deactivate the dead laptop, I need Adobe to reset the association between my license and my old laptop. It should be done by contacting my local assitance (in Italy). It is only available by chat, but every time I try to get to the chat with my browser I see the message "La chat è chiusa al momento" (Chat is currently closed). Of course I'm not trying on holidays, but during normal business hours, and nothing changes.


      Whas am I supposed to do?


      Needless to say that this is a very cumbersome approach to license management. The option to reset all bindings among the license and computers should be doable online, without all this hassle.