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    file .DS_Store

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      I have a problem I can not fix on my mac

      I have a script that takes the files from a folder and load them into Photoshop

      but if the folder and present the hidden file .DS_Store

      It created an error message



      If you copy the files and put them into another folder where it is not present .DS_Store

      everything works correctly



      the problem and that the .DS_Store appears immediately after loading the files

      how can I avoid this problem?

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          maxwyss Level 4

          The .DS_Store file is a OSX system file, and contains desktop information for the according folder.


          If you want/need to ignore this file, you might either test whether it is visible (convention says that when a file name begins with a period, the file is invisible), or you would use some other mechanism to create the list of files you want to copy. You might also look for file extensions and select accordingly.


          If you can use Applescript, things get quite easy, because there you can create a list of files from a folder without invisibles.

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            I tried deleting the .DS_Store

            but then reappears

            as you can do to not let this happen

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              maxwyss Level 4

              You can delete these files as many times as you want. The finder will always recreate them.


              It may be possible to prevent them from appearing if you do not open the according folder in the Finder, and access its files only via the Shell.

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                Tomas Sinkunas Level 3

                If you could share you code how you are processing folder items we could help you out.